You might have gathered from my last couple of posts that I’m a little all over the place right now. I have a lot of commitments at the moment and my ‘to-do’ list keeps getting longer no matter how many things I cross off (I swear that shouldn’t be possible).

Right now my priorities are:

1. My essay. It’s worth 50% of my module and I dare not work out how much of my degree that is in case I have a complete break-down. (I’m not being serious – I won’t have a break-down. Promise.)

2. The 150-page pdf. file I need to proofread by Wednesday afternoon for Riptide. I don’t want to mess up, especially as this is my first real – albeit, shared – responsibility for the journal.

3. My seminar preparation. I have a novel to read by Tuesday that I haven’t started yet; I have some more Chaucer to get through, again for Tuesday. I also need to make some notes or something for the seminars so that I don’t have to blag my way through it. I don’t like letting people down and there’s no point in a group discussion if no one is engaged. Plus, I’d be letting myself down too.

Seeing as I’m having a little stressed-out, super-busy, need-lots-of-tea-and-preferably-chocolate moment, I thought I’d make a quick vlog with some of my tips for writing essays and meeting deadlines. It’s by no means exclusive, but it works for me. At least, it will, if I just keep going!

(I haven’t yet worked out how to make me not look like a gormless idiot in the video thumbnails… if anyone knows how to prevent this then please tell me)