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Poems, poems everywhere…

We’re now into week 2 of term, would you believe it? I am definitely liking having routine after the hectic-ness of Freshers’ Week, but I’m already finding my creative side slipping a little as lectures, looming essay deadlines, and – gulp – my career planning takes over. It’s already hard work being a third year! I can’t be the only one lacking in creativity this week though, so with that in mind I thought I’d do a little round up of reading/writing-related things that are going on this week. Specifically, poetry-related things. Oh, yes.

National Poetry Day occurs on the first Thursday of October every year- that’s the 3rd October 2013 – and is a day during which everyone is encouraged to engage with poetry in some form, whether that be reading, writing, speaking, or hearing a poem (or more than one!). Each year there is a…

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