bryson coverThis book claims to be a short history of nearly everything, and it certainly does cover an awful lot of information. So much that it would take several re-readings to even begin to remember a tenth of it. I already feel as if I can’t remember much at all and that feeling started whilst I was still halfway through. That said, I did learn a few things, or improved my understanding of things, and it was for the most part, an enjoyable read.

The biggest impact this book had on me, however, was not learning facts, figures, and names of scientists, but rather that it changed my outlook on life. For example, I now appreciate more fully the scope of the universe, the brevity of human existence and, most importantly, how arbitrary and unstable life really is.

Bryson has a readable writing style and includes a number of interesting and/or humorous anecdotes alongside the science which helps him to appeal to the mass market.

This is definitely a book I’ll come back to, but maybe only in parts rather than reading it cover to cover.