Image by Tony DiTerlizzi (sourced via pinterest)
Image by Tony DiTerlizzi (sourced via pinterest)

As you might have guessed, I love books. I love reading books, I love organising my books, and I love talking about books. I have to admit it, though: I’m a book hoarder. I just cannot resist adding new titles to my shelves no matter how many books I already have to read.

This isn’t usually a problem in my eyes; I have an eye for a bargain and a lot of the books I have yet to read I either bought very cheaply in a sale, or I received as uncorrected proofs/ARCs through work. However, it is getting a little out of control! I spent some time on Sunday writing down all the books I own but have yet to read and the total came to a rather shameful 80 books. Part of the problem is that I spent three years not reading many books for pleasure and so the pile has built up a lot more than it would usually have done.

I hadn’t planned on giving myself any reading challenges for this year because I wanted to take a year to just read whenever and whatever I wanted. However, I’m now setting myself the challenge of reading at least half of the books currently on my TBR list by the end of the year. I hope to read a lot more, but wanted the goal to allow me to read new releases as well, because it would never work otherwise!

So, I’m officially a book hoarder and this is my therapy. Please reassure me in the comments that I’m not the only one with this problem…