Image from Delia Online
Image from Delia Online

1. Pancakes! – It was Shrove Tuesday on the 17th and my sister and I made pancakes with a lovely Delia recipe. They actually went really well and of course we had to make them again on Wednesday when my other sister came home from uni…

2. ebooks – Wait, wait! Hear me out! I am not a huge ebook reader. I like the feel of a book in my hands, and I like seeing them on my bookshelves, but this month I have started reading some ebooks as well as physical books. The main reason for this is what I’m away in London at the moment for a trip lasting two weeks and I just couldn’t fit enough books in my suitcase to last me two weeks, especially not at the rate I’m reading at the moment. I decided to download some ebooks from my local library. I have to admit that for books I don’t particularly want to keep, it’s a reasonable substitute for real books when circumstances call for it! I’m not sure I would ever buy ebooks though, especially not when they cost nearly as much as physical copies.

3. Cardigans – I decided to buy a couple of short cardigans this month as I only really had long ones that stick out under your coat and look silly or really thin cotton ones for the summer. I bought two wool cardigans and am loving them, especially now the weather it getting a little bit milder.

4. Urban Fruit – This is something I have liked for a while, but it’s a particular brand of dried fruit which is really nice as a snack or if you’re on the go. It’s baked rather than dried and is literally just fruit. That’s it. I particularly like the strawberries, but mango and pineapple is good too. Another good brand is Bear Fruit which is the same thing. I alternate between these depending on which is cheapest/available at the time.