A couple of weeks ago I got back from a two-week trip to London where I did a work experience placement. Whilst I was there, I had time to take in some culture as well, so I thought I’d share some of my trip with you now.

During my first hour in London I managed to get myself stuck in a tube barrier with my giant suitcase and annoy everyone on the escalator by forgetting to stand on the right. Not a great start, but I soon found myself falling into the rhythm of the city. As someone who lives in a small village in a rural area, the capital is so full of life and energy – it makes me feel alive, as cliched as that sounds.

I was working Monday and Tuesday but was told not to come in on Wednesday and Thursday as nobody would be in the office. I took this opportunity to do some touristy things. On Wednesday I managed to get a ticket for a matinee of Les Miserables which is my favourite musical. I had never seen it in person before and was really excited to get a ticket. I decided not to go for the most expensive seat and ended up in row G of the upper circle. It was a much better view than I expected, but I did feel a bit distant from the performance and would probably choose a better seat next time. Despite that, the show was amazing. The cast were brilliant and the music is always fantastic no matter how many times I’ve heard it.

On Thursday, I visited the Tate Modern. To get there, I had to cross the Millennium bridge which was pretty surreal for me as all I could think about was it’s appearance in the penultimate Harry Potter film and the amazing visual effects which were used. The gallery itself was good; I spent a good couple of hours wandering around and there was plenty to see. There were a couple of pieces I really liked, but on the whole I don’t think modern art is really my thing.

In the afternoon, I visited the Museum of London which was fantastic. There’s so much to see and read about and you could quite easily make a day of it. They had a really lovely Paddington Bear display which was probably my favourite bit, although it was right at the end and I was pretty tired by then so didn’t linger for too long. The great thing about both the Tate Modern and the Museum of London is that it’s free to visit – all they ask for is a small donation as you enter/leave.

The Victorian Walk at the Museum of London image from museumoflondon.org
The Victorian Walk at the Museum of London
image from museumoflondon.org

It was great having so many museums and galleries right on my doorstep and I could easily have spent a lot more time exploring them.

Part 2 of my adventures coming tomorrow…