IMG_0037 I posted back in January about my book hoarding antics and, at that time, I had 80 books on my TBR pile after getting rid of a large box full of books. Since then, I have bought a few books and received a number more as proofs/ARCs. It seems that for every book I read I replace it with two more unread titles.

Books I have read:

1. The Maze Runner by James Dasher – I bought a second copy as part of a set and so I no longer need this.

2. Half Life by Roopa Farooki – I read this and liked it, but I hardly remember it and definitely won’t read it again so there’s no point keeping it.

3. Girl With a Pearl Earring by Tracey Chevalier – another one I remember liking, but again I won’t reread it and can’t remember much about it.

4. Rhyme’s Reason by John Hollander – a quirky little book about poetry and language techniques. I bought it for my degree and it was semi-useful but I don’t need it anymore.

5. My Secret Sister by Helen Edwards and Jenny Lee Smith – a true story about two long-lost sisters. An impulse buy and an okay read, but it hasn’t stayed with me.

6. The New Poetry – I bought this for my degree and used it once, I think. I have read some of the poetry but didn’t particularly love any of it so it’s time for it to go!

I’m also getting rid of copies of Roxanna by Daniel Defoe (otherwise known as the most boring book ever), The Cloud of Unknowing and Other Works, and A Short Residence in Sweden/Memoirs of the Author of ‘Rights of Women’ which were all books I was forced to study for my degree and really didn’t like.

Books I have not read: These are books which interested me when I bought them but I probably won’t ever find time to read. All of these were bought for less than £1 each in various book sales so I don’t feel too bad about giving them up.

1. Brixton Beach by Roma Tearne – The blurb doesn’t really tell me anything about it and therefore doesn’t make me desperate to get stuck in.

2. The Way Things Look To Me by Roopa Farooki – I read Half Life and liked it, but didn’t love it and so I’m not too excited to read this.

3. A Taste For Green Tangerines by Barbara Bisco 4. Lucky by Alice Sebold – I didn’t realise this was an autobiography when I bought it, and I don’t really enjoy autobiographies.

4. Songs My Mother Never Taught Me by Selcuk Altun

5. The Music Room by William Fiennes

6. Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel – I bought this because I recognised the author, in all honestly. I read Life of Pi last year and didn’t actually like it. I’ll probably never read this.

I also have a few battered ex-library books I rescued from a library sale but am never going to read including: A Passage to India by E. M. Forster, My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurierand Free Falling by William Golding.

My current TBR pile stands at 81 titles, so I haven’t really made any progress there despite reading a number of books from the list. This wasn’t helped by having to read ebooks for two weeks last month, however, and so I’m still hopeful that I can half this list by the end of the year!