lgbtratt2015As I mentioned at the beginning of the week, I decided to throw my hat into the ring for the first LGBT Readathon hosted by Faye at Daydreamer’s Thoughts. I’m immensely proud to be a reader of YA and shout about it to anyone who will listen (particularly at work where I try to convert my colleagues into loving children’s book as much as I do to no avail). There is such an incredible breadth and depth to the content of many YA novels and this diversity is not seen to the same extent in any other area of publishing at the moment, in my opinion. I think there is something very special about YA and its capacity to showcase diversity in a bold and open and normalised way.

Of course, this made choosing books to read for this readathon pretty challenging. There are so many books I’ve heard great things about in the blogosphere but I decided to stick with books I already owned in an attempt to actually make progress with my never-ending TBR. I’ve actually read most of the books I know to be LGBT from my list, so I chose just two books for this readathon.

Gracefully Grayson by Ami Polonsky and I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

I managed to read both of these, and enjoyed them both – particularly I’ll Give You the Sun which is one of my favourite books I’ve read this year so far!

I was very pleased with my progress during this readathon considering I’ve been working really long hours recently. If you missed out this time around then keep an eye out for the next LGBTReadathon which will take place between the 22nd-28th June. I’ll see you there!