LAURENSTJOHNThis is a new feature I’m going to be doing on my blog every other Sunday. I often get to talk about individual books but rarely do I get to talk properly about some of my favourite authors, so that’s the focus of this feature.

First up is an author I only discovered in the last year, but who has quickly become one of my favourites: Lauren St John.

The Books

The White Giraffe Series


A series of four stories for the 9-12 age range about an eleven year old girl called Martine who is sent to live on an African game reserve. There she finds a white giraffe who looks as if he has been waiting for her and so begins her adventures which will take her across Africa.

  • The White Giraffe
  • Dolphin Song
  • The Last Leopard
  • The Elephant’s Tale

The Laura Marlin Mysteries

deadman's  cover

A series of mystery stories about a young girl called Laura and her best friend Tariq who find themselves caught up in many a dangerous case. Inspired by her favourite fictional detective, Matt Walker, Laura must use all her skills to solve the mysteries without getting herself and Tariq into danger. Reminiscent of the Nancy Drew detective stories, these are wonderful detective mysteries for the 9-12 age range.

  • Deadman’s Cove
  • Kidnap in the Caribbean
  • Kentucky Thriller
  • Rendezvous in Russia

The One Dollar Horse Series

one dollar horse

When horse-mad Casey Blue rescues a starving horse for the price of one dollar she sets about trying to achieve the impossible: winning the toughest three day eventing challenge in the world – the Badminton Horse Trials. A fantastic series with plenty of horsey action and excitement.

  • The One Dollar Horse
  • Race the Wind
  • Fire Storm

The Glory

A stand-alone YA novel about two young teens who enter a 1200 mile endurance race across the Midwest. This is an thrilling story about horses, adventure, and an unlikely friendship.

Books I Have Read

  • Kentucky Thriller
  • The One Dollar Horse
  • Race the Wind
  • Fire Storm
  • The Glory

Why I Love Lauren St John

Firstly, St John is an excellent writer; from the very first line I feel completely safe in her hands. Her writing is well-paced and the action drives the plot forward throughout whether it’s a gripping mystery to be solved or a dangerous endurance race across the United States.

Secondly, I enjoy reading about her characters, particularly Laura Marlin. I have only read one of the Laura Marlin Mysteries, Kentucky Thriller, but I found Laura to be an immensely likeable character: brave, clever, always one step ahead – as any good young detective should be.

I also love the way St John writes about animals, from horses and dogs to much larger wild animals. She writes with a real understanding and sensitivity to animals, no doubt drawing from her own background and childhood on a farm in Africa, and from her travels around the US. I love books featuring animals in such a way. St John seems to pull together so many strands of my childhood reading into her writing and I can’t get enough.

Lauren with a cheetah.  Image from
Lauren with a cheetah.
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