toptentuesday2Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s list is my top ten authors Ive read the most books by and it’s going to be a tricky one for me because it’s going to be hard to remember authors I read as a child but no longer own any books by…

1. Enid Blyton – It seems fitting that she is top of this list given that today would have been her 118th birthday (Happy Birthday!). I loved her books as a child and still do now. I read everything I could get my hands on. All of The Famous Five series, most of The Secret Seven series, Malory Towers, The Twins at St Clare’s, mysteries and other story collections.

Books Read: 50+

2. Erin Hunter – a pseudonym for (originally) three authors, Victoria Holmes, Kate Cary and Cherith Baldry. They were later joined by other names and I think there are now six different authors writing under this name. I used to read the Warrior Cats books and was heavily involved in the fandom for this series in my early teenage years. I met one of my closest friends through Warrior Cats.

Books Read: 30+

3. Lauren Brooke – Author of the Heartland series which was the basis for the Canadian TV series of the same name, and the Chestnut Hill series about a group of horse-mad girls at boarding school. I loved, and still love, horse stories and couldn’t get enough of these.

Books Read: 25+

4. J. K. Rowling – I’ve read Harry Potter (obviously) which I loved and The Casual Vacancy which I didn’t love. I’ve also read The Cuckoo’s Calling written under the name Robert Galbraith, which I enjoyed much more than TCV.

Books Read: 10

5. Chris D’Lacey – I started reading The Last Dragon Chronicles as a child, and only recently completed the series. These are strange books, and some of them I love whilst others in the series did not grab me quite so much. They are imaginative and very original, however, and I’m pretty much sold by dragons every time!

Books Read: 7

6. Garth Nix – An old favourite. I love his Old Kingdom Trilogy and am so glad that Hot Key Books published a prequel, Clairel, last year. My mum also encouraged me to read the Keys to the Kingdom series, but I didn’t get on so well with those.

Books Read: 7

7. Patrick Ness – One of my all time favourite authors. I love the way he writes with such intelligence and creativity. My favourite of his books is More Than This, closely followed by the upcoming The Rest of Us Still Live Here.

Books Read: 6

8. Dan Brown – I really enjoyed his books when I was in my mid-teens. The Da Vinci Code captured my imagination and although I know they’re not the most well-written of books, they’re sort of a guilty pleasure.

Books Read: 6

9. Lauren St John – See my Author Spotlight post from a couple of weeks ago.

Books Read: 5

10. John Green – I’ve read all his books apart from Will Grayson, Will Grayson. I think my favourite’s are probably The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska, but in many ways I feel that they are all incarnations of the same story; different characters and plots, but they all feel very similar.

Books Read: 4

Of course, there are many more authors I’ve read four or more books from – this is a selection. Honourable mentions go to Ann M Martin, author of The Baby-Sitters Club series and Carolyn Keene, author of Nancy Drew; I read both of these series obsessively as a child but I have no idea how many of the books I actually read (lots!).

I actually found this really hard to do, if only because I’m sure I’m missing a number of important authors who I’m just forgetting at this moment. This exercise has made me realise that I read a lot more diversely now than I did as a child. Which is no bad thing!