July was a pretty slow month for me, both blogging-wise and reading-wise. I’ve been really struggling to blog as much as I’d like to since I started working full time and this month my reading has taken a slump as well, for some reason. Overall, I managed to read 9 books in July, although a couple of them were very short.

1. The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle – one of my favourite books of the year so far! I’ll be posting a full review tomorrow, but it’s a must-read for the summer.

accident season

Look at that cover too – isn’t it gorgeous?

2. A Glamorously Unglamorous Life by Julia Albain – Julia is a writer and an actor (most well known for her work with Team Starkid) and this book is a short account of the time she moved to New York to pursue her career. This is one of the books I like to read when I feel like I’m losing my way. It’s a funny, self-aware account, and inspires me to be a little bit braver.

3. Kentucky Thriller by Lauren St. John – I’ve mentioned Lauren’s books so much this month! This is a lovely middle grade mystery which follows the adventures of schoolgirl Laura Marlin.

Author Spotlight: Lauren St John

4. The Sin-Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury – An interesting fantasy novel about a young girl whose touch is poison – literally. Sadly this one didn’t live up to the sky-high expectations I had for it, but it’s still an enjoyable read.

5. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon – I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to get around to reading this! It was every bit as good as everyone told me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. From the very first page when I realised the chapters are numbered by ascending prime numbers, I knew I was in safe hands. This is an immensely well-written and sensitive portrayal of a young boy struggling to make sense of the world. I’m hoping to see the stage production soon too!

6. Crow Moon by Anna McKerrow – this was unfortunately another one which disappointed me last month. I had heard such good things about it, and the premise sounded really interesting, but the reality was not so good. I found the first half very slow and, although it got better in the second half, I won’t be rushing out to buy the sequel when it’s released.

7. Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne – I love this book! In case you missed it, here’s my full review: right here!

am i normal yet

8. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare – I had to see what all the fuss is about, right? To be honest, this didn’t impress me that much – sorry to everyone who loves this series! It felt very familiar, and was quite predictable. I expect the upcoming Shadowhunters TV series may become a guilty pleasure, but I’m not too bothered about finishing reading this series.

9. Rodeo Rocky by Jenny Oldfield – a lovely little horse story for younger readers with plenty of excitement and adventure.

That was it for July. A bit of a mixed bag – a couple of fantastic novels and some not so great ones to balance it out…