My Favourite Spoken Word Poetry

I'm what you might call a passive observer of spoken word poetry. I enjoy the energy and the atmosphere and the passion of spoken word, but I have never felt the urge to stand up and perform myself. I mostly... Continue Reading →



Waiting I curl up inside a crater, sweet grass scent mingling  with the damp mud earth, coating the insides of my lungs. There are gardens growing  among my alveoli, strangling me as, comatose, I wait. Purple pansies bloom across my... Continue Reading →


October The coast curves around the sea, each jutting headland a ridge of its spine, shingle beaches like shards of bone chipped away by the force of the tide, pressing angry against my naked soles. The waves leap at the... Continue Reading →


Afterwards Sitting on the front door step, shirt sleeves rolled unevenly to your elbows, you peel cooking apples with a paring knife long slices of skin pooling at your feet. You used to whistle with blades of grass, palms cupped... Continue Reading →

Lasting Impressions

I've been writing again. Or rather, editing something I submitted for my creative writing module last term: Lasting Impressions Barefoot in the summer we danced fairy circles into the grass, wearing oversized “you’ll-grow-into-them” t-shirts and freckled skin. We filled a... Continue Reading →

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